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Symptoms of disease - pain when coughing

Pain when coughing and inhaling or other respiratory movements usually indicate the pleura and pericardial area or the connection as a possible source of the pain, although the pain in the chest wall, is also likely to affect the respiratory movements, and nothing to do with heart disease do not have. Often pain localized to the left or right side and can be as blunt and sharp.

Which diseases there is pain when coughing

The main causes of pain when coughing:

1. Pain when coughing and inspiration occurs because of inflammation of the membrane that lines the chest cavity from the inside and covering the lungs. Dry pleurisy can arise in a variety of diseases, but most of all - with pneumonia.
Pain in the dry pleurisy decrease in the position on the affected side. Significantly limit the respiratory mobility of the corresponding half of the chest; in an unmodified percussion sound can listen weakened breath due to spare patients affected by the hand, rubbing noise of the pleura. Body temperature often subfebrile, may be chills, night sweats, weakness.

2. Restriction of movement of the chest or pain when coughing, inhale and exhale with a superficial breathing is observed with the functional disorders of the rib framework or the thoracic spine (restriction of mobility), tumors of the pleura, pericarditis.

3. In the dry pericarditis the pain gets worse when you cough, breath and movements, thus, the depth of respiration decreases, which exacerbates the shortness of breath. The intensity of pain during inspiration varies from slight to strong.

4. In shortening between pleural ligaments have seen a constant cough, increasing during the conversation, deep breath, physical load, stabbing pain with deep breath, running.
Between pleural bundle formed from the merger of visceral and parietal sheets of the pleura the root part of the lung. Further, down caudally on the medial the edge of the light, the link between the forks of the tendinous part of the iris and her legs. The function of ensuring springy of resistance in the caudal displacement of the diaphragm. In the presence of inflammatory process ligaments are shortened and limit the caudal offset

5. When intercostal neuralgia in the course of intercostal spaces arise sharp «shooting» pain, sharply increasing by coughing and inspiration.

6. In case of renal colic pain is localized in the right hypohondrium and in the epigastric region and then spread around the stomach. The pain changes under the right shoulder blade, in the right shoulder, amplified by coughing and inspiration, as well as during palpation of the gall bladder. There is local pain when pressure is applied in the area of X-XII of the thoracic vertebrae in 2-3 cross your finger to the right of the spine Islands.

7. From shock or sdavljenia chest may occur broken ribs. If this damaged the person feels a sharp pain cough and breathe.

9. Pain when coughing and inspiration can also indicate the presence of thoracic osteochondrosis.

10. Chest pain that occurs on the background of the common cold (flu, SARS) and accompanied by dry, compulsive cough, manifested a sense of scratching behind the breastbone, increased cough, is a sign of tracheitis - inflammation of the trachea (breathing tube that connects the throat to the bronchus). Such feelings are themselves together with the cold. In addition, with prolonged, frequent, "hacking" cough there is pain in the lower parts of the chest, at the level of the lower ribs. It is connected with the fact that cough is mainly due to the reduction of muscles of the diaphragm. Like any other muscle, the aperture in the long run are tired and there is pain on each of her sharp reduction. This pain is also at the end of colds and coughs.

11. For lung cancer the nature of the pain varies: acute, stitching, girdle increasing when coughing, breathing. The pain may cover a certain area or one-half of the thorax is possible its irradiation in the hands, neck, belly, etc. The pain is especially intense and painful upon germination the tumor in the ribs, and spine.
12. Headache cough begins immediately after a violent cough, sneeze or straining; she usually bilateral, bashing away at random, intensive and quickly ends, when the cough. In most cases it lasts less than one minute, only occasionally 30 minutes. In about 1/3 of patients headache cough may be one-sided. It is assumed that the reason is the increased sensitivity to briefly arising out of (cough) increase in intracranial pressure. For the most part are affected middle-aged men, the disease often disappears after a few years. In some cases it may be retained for more than ten years.
For the headache that occurs repeatedly when coughing or sneezing, can hide a serious disease, mainly when there is an increase in the intensity of pain. You may need to do an MRI of the head in order to eliminate the disease of the posterior cranial fossa (defect development Arnold-Chiari), blood vessels in the brain or cerebrospinal fluid-dynamic violations.

13. Pain at pneumothorax are often unbearable, but sometimes prove to be moderate and, like other pleural pain, amplified by coughing and movements. Sometimes spontaneous pneumothorax can occur even without any pain.

Which doctor should I contact if there is a pain when coughing

  • Therapeutist
  • Pulmonologist
  • Neurologist
  • Family doctor

Are you experiencing pain when coughing? You want to know more detailed information, or you need an inspection? Please sign up on reception to the doctor! Doctors will examine you, examine the external signs and help to determine the disease the symptoms, they will consult you and provide the necessary assistance. You can also call the doctor on the house.

Do you feel hurts during coughing? You should be very careful approach to your health in general. People pay not enough attention to the symptoms of the disease and don't realize that these diseases can be critically dangerous. There are many diseases that in the beginning didn't manifest in our body, but in the end it turns out, unfortunately, it have already been treated too late. Every disease has its own specific features typical symptoms - called symptoms of the disease. Definition of symptoms is the first step in the diagnosis of diseases in general. You just need a few times a year to be screened by a doctor, not only to prevent a terrible disease, but also to maintain a healthy spirit in a body and the organism in general.

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