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Symptoms of disease - pain in the muscles of the legs

The muscles of the legs share on the muscles of the pelvic muscles of the lower limbs. Movement in the hip joint produces a number of muscles, among them there are in-house (ileo-lumbar, twin, pear, internal obturator) and external (large, medium and small buttock, outdoor obturator, square and bends the wide fascia hips). To the muscles of the lower limbs are the muscles of the thighs, calves and feet. The muscles of the legs provide motion in knee, ankle joints and joints of the foot and toes.

Which diseases there is pain in the muscles of the legs

There are several reasons that cause pain in the muscles of the legs. The diseases of spine, joints, blood vessels of the legs, or muscles.

- Most often the emergence of pain in the muscles of the legs is connected with diseases of the blood vessels. This happens because of violations of the outflow of venous blood and increase due to the pressure in the vessels. Formed venous congestion is the cause irritation of nerve endings and the development of pain syndrome. Most of these pains are «dumb» character, there is a heaviness in the legs. Thus, gradually developing varicose veins.

- Dull, aching and stabbing pain in the muscles of the legs, pain and heaviness in the legs is very often the result of a standing or sedentary work, when due to the stagnation in the veins of the legs are not going the normal circulation of the venous and arterial blood in the human body, occurs oxygen starvation, accumulate in the foot of harmful toxins.

- When the other vascular disease - thrombophlebitis, there is the pain of a pulsating character, often turning into a burning sensation under the skin. At a thrombophlebitis pain are of a permanent nature, especially in the case of pain in the calf muscles of the legs.

Is another cause of pain in the legs - atherosclerosis of the arteries. When the disease occurs seal the walls of blood vessels, the patient when it feels compressive pain in the calf muscles. Most often atherosclerosis causes pain syndrome that is in the muscles of the legs. The pain intensifies when walking. A characteristic symptom of atherosclerosis is a sensation of cold feet, regardless of the time of year.

- The next group of diseases, provoking the emergence of pain in the legs are diseases of the spine. Available violations in the work of the spine, for example, in the intervertebral discs, lead to the emergence of the so-called referred pain, i.e., the giving of the legs. On the spine itself when it can and not get sick. This kind of pain can be attributed sciatica (inflammation of the sciatic nerve). This disease is pain in the spine in the course of the sciatic nerve is transferred to the legs.

- Very often the legs pain associated with diseases of the joints. Pain like a «twist» his feet. A worsening of this painful syndrome is observed when the weather changes. On a more serious stages of diseases of the joints pain may be permanent, sometimes just a painful character. This especially concerns the attacks of pain in gout. Pain in the knee joint may be the evidence of the destruction of the cartilage of the joint. But the correct diagnosis and prescribing can only be done by an experienced specialist.

- One of the reasons of constant pain in the legs is flat feet. This disease is manifested in fatigue when walking, feeling just «lead weight» in the legs. With flat feet it is a day to pay attention to the special complex of exercises, which is being developed by a doctor. Also state can be facilitated using orthopedic insoles.

- Diseases of the peripheral nerves may also provoke pain in the legs. When neuralgia pain are paroxysmal character and arise in the course of the nerve fibers. In between bouts of pain is practically absent, and the pain attack can last from several seconds to several minutes.

- The most powerful pain occurs when inflammation of the muscles of the legs. Myositis is a pretty serious disease that must be treated under the constant supervision of a doctor.
Myositis - inflammation of the skeletal muscles. May occur as a complication of various diseases, such as influenza. Frequent cause of myositis is the overexertion of muscles, due to the unaccustomed physical strain or injury of muscles of the legs.
When myositis appear aching pain in the muscles of the legs, intensifying when moving. Often reflected in the muscles of the tight knots or fibres. With open traumas, as a result of penetration of infection may develop purulent myositis, which is increased body temperature, chills, the gradual tightening of pain, swelling, seal and strain muscles, redness of the skin over it.
A form is a parasite myositis, arising out of the affected muscles of the parasites (тrichinella, cysticerci and characterized by fever, pains in the muscles of the limbs, chest, language, masticatory muscles.

- Pain in the muscles of the legs can be caused by a communicable disease of bone as osteomyelitis. Pain in this disease acute and prolonged. In this case, the cause of the pain are the bones themselves.

- In obese people because of their large body weight and increased pressure on the lower part of the body, feet, too often there is pain in the muscles of the legs at any age. In atherosclerosis, after suffering a stroke, after suffering from a heart attack, people also often sore muscles of the legs, their torment rheumatic diseases of the feet often swollen, aching, aching from the cold and have anticipated changes in weather better than any hydrometeorological.

- Cramps in her legs represent an involuntary reduction of individual muscles or muscle groups. They can be caused by prolonged physical stress, overwork and most often occur in the calf muscles. To stop them, it is recommended to relax the muscles. It is enough to sit or lie down, thereby altering the position of the limbs, and badly bruised hands converged muscle. Then put a towel, soaked in cold water, or stand bare feet on the cold ground.

- Paratenonitis, as a rule, are the result of chronic overstrain of muscles of the legs after inadequate according to the intensity of the load, particularly if it is combined with General fatigue, some chronic disease, cooling and other unfavorable factors. Manifest their pain and swelling in the muscle zone feet. So, myositis in the place of transition of the muscle of the abdomen in a tendon, paratenonitis - in the tissue around the tendon, and insertion - in the place of attachment to the bone. With long-term existence of this disease and the ongoing loads, often there are gaps muscles and leads them from the site of attachment.

- Fibromyalgia can be of different localization, but most often affects the neck region, the lower part of the back (lumbago), the neck, the area of the shoulder joints, chest and the thigh near the knee joint. Such pain occurs mainly in women. It can be called or increase physical or mental strain, sleep disorders, trauma, damp or cold, and sometimes the system, usually rheumatic diseases.

Which doctor should I contact if there is a pain in the muscles of the legs

  • Family doctor
  • Traumatologist
  • Rheumatologist
  • Doctor of medical physical culture
  • Infectious disease physician

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Do you feel hurts in the muscles of the legs? You should be very careful approach to your health in general. People pay not enough attention to the symptoms of the disease and don't realize that these diseases can be critically dangerous. There are many diseases that in the beginning didn't manifest in our body, but in the end it turns out, unfortunately, it have already been treated too late. Every disease has its own specific features typical symptoms - called symptoms of the disease. Definition of symptoms is the first step in the diagnosis of diseases in general. You just need a few times a year to be screened by a doctor, not only to prevent a terrible disease, but also to maintain a healthy spirit in a body and the organism in general.

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