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Symptoms of disease - pain during sexual act

Pain during intercourse is a problem faced by both beginners sex girls, as well as experienced by women. Not always they realize refer the complaint to the doctor, the first thought that in the beginning of this norm (but how many can last the beginning?), the second analyze, what with last partner, this was not, it's in a man or in the “incompatibility" - and all as a result of experiencing the sensations in the literal sense inside of ourselves, not receiving assistance. After some time, the body gets used to the pain as a reality and begins to wait for it in advance - is fixed conditioned reflex - woman begins to fear and avoid proximity or feel pain even when the cause is corrected, and the doctors told her - “should not hurt anything" - but she remembers, that in this situation sore - and the body gives out the expected sensation from the archives of memory. Therefore, delay, to suffer, to be heroic with don't pain, this “dog health", as he called academician Ivan Pavlov should make You immediately address to the doctor and find out the reason.

Which diseases there is pain during sexual act

The causes of pain during sexual intercourse among men:

Men have pain during intercourse more often called organic causes, for example, is too tight foreskin, which is not bully during the penis and causes pain in the head of the penis, or associated with Peyronie's disease, for which there are sclerotic plaques on the penis, which determine the curvature of the “reproductive organ”. Temporary pain during intercourse appears when anguish frenulum penis. From the behaviour of the partners of this, of course, is not affected.

Causes of pain during sexual intercourse (in chronological order during the life of the woman):
Defloration. The main reason is fear. He makes compress all muscles of the body, and especially the muscles of the vagina. There are cases, when hymen thick and richly supplied with nerve endings, but most often it flexible and expandable, with the first close not torn, and stretched, and a sharp pain does not cause a (so the absence of bleeding when defloration - more the norm than the pathology). So what are the main painful sensations arise from fear. To overcome its only You can, if you know what is happening with You, trust your first man, know that You are protected from unwanted pregnancy and infection. Protection the first time you need to condom - alien microbes, normal for a single organism (men), getting into a new body (female), cause it the inflammatory reaction v inflammation of the vagina (colpitis) and the urinary bladder (cystitis) is the most common complication of defloration. Relax and help prevent spasm will help warm the usual calm, warm foam bath, a relaxing glass of wine/champagne, trusted partner (fear often caused by not only unknown, but the fear of not seem to Him such as he would have liked), sufficient foreplay and receive girl pleasure before the beginning of the sexual act. But the main medicine from fear, paralyzing the muscles and causing pain, love. In women who have lost their virginity for love and not out of curiosity or because of age/partner/the situation came, everything happens in the relevant conditions, without haste, excessive nervousness, gently and little painful.

2. Vaginismus. If sex (first in the life or the first with a specific partner or was rape) it is not successful, the fear of him may gain a foothold in the subconscious mind and cause spasm of muscles in advance, making it impossible to sexual intercourse. Pain during sexual intercourse does not arise from the penetration of the penis, and the compression of the muscles of their own (the same pain occurs occasionally during the pelvic examination - the fear of the situation makes shrink muscles so that break modern plastic gynecologic mirror:). With the confidence of women to the gynecologist and relaxation to all happens easily. The mechanism of one - pain arises not from the alien in this case the body, and from the spasm of the muscles of their own, i.e., both treated in this case it is necessary to themselves, change their attitude to the issue, to find partners, the credibility of which will allow You to relax. Vaginismus, with whom the woman herself can cope, requires treatment by a psychiatrist and sexual health specialists.

3. Disturbing the hymen. Proximity are already not the first, and it hurts like the first time. However, in the process runs, but in the beginning all the time unpleasantly. As a rule, hymen in the beginning no breaks, but only stretched or a little gasps, but remains. Sometimes virginity in the anatomical sense is violated for the first time only in the process of childbirth. And before that some discomfort “in the entry" in the beginning of sexual intercourse remains. The understanding of the situation, sufficient quantity of grease and gentle partner this problem is easily solved.

4. Inflammation. If discomfort (pain, burning, itching, friction, the feeling of dryness) occur in the vagina during sexual intercourse or right after it, the cause is most likely an inflammatory process. We should go to the doctor and be tested for sexually transmitted infections (chlamydia, gonorrhea, ureaplasmosis, trichomoniasis, candidiasis). Sexual life at this time you need to restrict and keep only under the protection of sex. The treatment of the fact that they will find, you will need to necessarily at the same time one and the same medications, take precautions during treatment condom, regardless of the results of the analysis of men. Routine tests for men seldom reveal the infection, the main source of which is located in the prostate gland, so you need to either do culture after provocation and massage of the prostate, or did not examine anything, but simply to treat both, on the basis of rules that microbes have partners are always the same. Inflammation is not necessarily caused by pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases, i.e., is not necessary in case of suspicion on the inflammation of the blame partner in treason: most often is caused by inflammation of the normal flora of the human body: fungi, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and other normal microorganisms. Just in case of “alien" environment (in the female genital tract of men or with the skin, from the intestine, mouth, etc.) and an insufficient level of protection (“reduced immunity", menstruation, pregnancy) they begin to multiply and cause inflammation. They just need to competently treated, and not look for someone to blame.

5. Adhesions. The result of suffering a previously inflammation of the appendages or bowel. If You have ever periodic aching pain in the lower abdomen during hypothermia or episodes of delay or relief chair or bowel disease in childhood - so You can have adhesive process in small pelvis. If You have never had such complaints, he also has the right to be, because inflammation might be asymptomatic. Adhesions are the majority of adult women, many of them do not disturb and do not cause harm. Some they hurt the tension and during the examination of the gynecological chair and at the time of intimacy - when the pain, in contrast to the above cases, - in the pit of my stomach and depends on the posture and the “aggressiveness" of sex. In most cases the selection of comfortable POS saves, but if the pain persists and constantly worried about outside of the sexual life, you need to treat chronic inflammatory process, including with the help of physical therapy.

6. Injury, loose seams after childbirth and operations. The solution of the issue can be surgical or not: use of lubricants, the development of muscles of the pelvic floor, selection of POS and tempo.

7. Endometriosis. This diagnosis is often put women themselves on the basis of smear discharge before or after menstruation. However, the main symptom of endometriosis is pain, emerging or growing before menstruation and running with it. If the allocation painless - it is not endometriosis. If they are painful + there is pain during sexual intercourse and when urinating on the eve of the month - these may be signs of endometriosis. Pain during sex while also felt in and is strong enough, making the sexual life impossible or painful at this time of the cycle.

8. Venous congestion. Irregular sexual life, lack of satisfaction, abstinence, dissatisfaction with the relationship is as a result of blood flow to the organs, and proper outflow of no. First, the feeling of gravity, dissatisfaction, pulling pain after sex without sufficient discharge. With time, the only medication - regular sex life with satisfaction becomes not a deliverance, and Vice versa - exacerbating factor: the walls of the vagina swollen sore from the sexual act, there arises an acute pain during intercourse. This condition is not just unpleasant, it is also dangerous: it predisposing factor for development of many gynecological diseases: uterine myoma, mastopathy, endometriosis, ovarian dysfunction, etc. Try not to bring the picture of actual dissatisfaction to the anatomical changes: learn to give yourself pleasure and teach this your partner; You will bring joy and yourself and him, keeping a healthy body and a healthy relationship in the family. The main treatment by a doctor - physiotherapy and gynaecological massage - in fact, a surrogate sexual intercourse - so that from the venous stagnation nicer to cure yourself at home with a beloved man and toys from a sex shop. For this reason, pain in particular are prone women with varicose veins of the legs.

9. Neuralgia of the pelvic nerves. Pain in the sides of the pelvis, the increasing at a touch (sex, examination by the chair, ultrasound examination of vaginal probe), often acute, firing, where in the leg. Neuralgia happens in any place: front, intercostal - is pelvic neuralgia: the nerve can inflamed from hypothermia, from the presence of infection, from stress. Is treated the same as other neuralgia: pepper plaster, heat ointments, physiotherapy.

10. Lack of lubrication. May be the result of a psychological state (the reluctance of sex, the unconscious rejection of partner - sometimes a woman does not give yourself the conscious report, and then the body of hints in this way; the fear of getting pregnant), removal of Bartholin's glands; that produce grease (inflammation - bartholinitis transferred earlier) or hormonal disorders (post-partum period, hormonal contraception, menopause). When hormonal disorders that require correction, helps reception of products of female sex hormones, if they are not contraindicated. In other cases, in the showdown with his I need to use artificial moisturizers (lubricants) - special intimate gels, sold in pharmacies and sex shops.

11. The anatomical incompatibility is the discrepancy of the size. The vagina is extremely tensile, and if a man was not a clinical case of gigantism, the sick from the size it should not. What is it painless to strain - think for yourself and consult a doctor.

Pain during intercourse is always a signal disorder may be, is not a dangerous disease, which requires immediate treatment, and disorder in Your psychological condition - but all the same disorder. With the help of pain organism appeals to You - pay attention to me and help! Try to hear him and with the help of a doctor to understand and help.

Which doctor should I contact if there is a pain during sexual act

  • Gynaecologist
  • Urologist
  • Psychiatrist

Are you experiencing pain during sexual act? You want to know more detailed information, or you need an inspection? Please sign up on reception to the doctor! Doctors will examine you, examine the external signs and help to determine the disease the symptoms, they will consult you and provide the necessary assistance. You can also call the doctor on the house.

Do you feel hurts during sexual act? You should be very careful approach to your health in general. People pay not enough attention to the symptoms of the disease and don't realize that these diseases can be critically dangerous. There are many diseases that in the beginning didn't manifest in our body, but in the end it turns out, unfortunately, it have already been treated too late. Every disease has its own specific features typical symptoms - called symptoms of the disease. Definition of symptoms is the first step in the diagnosis of diseases in general. You just need a few times a year to be screened by a doctor, not only to prevent a terrible disease, but also to maintain a healthy spirit in a body and the organism in general.

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