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Symptoms of disease - pain in the chest when feeding

Very often, after giving birth to a baby, my mother is faced with the pain in the chest when feeding. Taking this for granted, mother heroically tolerate. However, endure the pain when feeding is not necessary, and even mustn’t. It is necessary to find the cause of the pain in the chest and eliminate it.

Which diseases there is pain in the chest when feeding

What are the main causes of chest pain in the early days of breastfeeding? There are not so many:

- Pain in the first days of feeding directly in the chest overflow breast lobules. This is caused by the processes engorgement slices and lactostasis.

- Incorrect form nipples. With very little involved, flat, split nipples difficulties arise while breastfeeding. The flat nipples for another 2 weeks before the birth, you can indulge in a massage, if there is no threat of premature births. For this nipples independently gently pulled out his hands. This massage is carried out every day, 2 times a day, around 2 - 3 minutes. You can try to solve this problem with the help of plastic linings. In case of incorrect form nipple baby may not completely suck the milk from the fact that it is hard to suck the breasts or he just can inactive suck, so you can decant remaining milk from the breast and supplementation them a baby with a spoon.

- Cracked nipples. In order to avoid cracks of nipples, it is necessary to carefully take away the child from the breast after the termination of sucking motions. If the child holds mouth chest't need to try it out, better carefully enter your little finger in the corner of the mouth of the child and carefully remove the breast. Do not be too often during the day wash your chest, especially soap or apply alcohol solutions, it contributes to the dryness of the skin, which is very easy to break. After feeding can be grease nipple drops of breast milk and allow to dry breasts to the air. For the treatment of cracks you can buy a special cream, but it is important to carefully read the instructions, some of them require rinsing before breastfeeding. When the cracks, to reduce pain when feeding you can use the lining of the chest. In a very deep, non-healing fractures doctor may recommend to stop breast-feeding for several days.

If we are talking about the pain of nipples at feeding, it is almost always it is connected with the wrong applying the baby to the breast. Usually the technique of correct feeding taught in the maternity ward. Here are the training of numerous the correct position of the initiation of the child and the provisions of the mother when feeding, as well as an indication of the error latching the baby to the breast. If for any reason my mother could not get enough of the skills of correct feeding, then it will be able to train a doctor-mammologist or, in his absence, an obstetrician-gynecologist.

For additional reasons pain in the chest in the area of nipples at feeding considered by the child:
- Violation of baby equipment sucking. It would seem that this process laid down by the nature itself. But in fact the child can get used to the use of artificial nipples and by this "wrong" to start sucking chest. Because the natural feeding is an active process that requires the mastery of skill on the part of the child. The use of various types of feeding, yes, even on the background of the use of the "wrong" nipple, can cause additional injury to the nipple.

- Improper support of the chest and/or the baby's head in the early days. The chest is recommended to only support from the bottom, if possible, not to touch the nipple.

- Violation of the rules of hygiene chest. It is advisable to use the "right" bra and avoid prolonged contact arising milk to the nipple. It is also important not overdry nipple detergents, because not only is wet, but constantly parquet nipple easily damaged. Constantly wet nipple leads to the phenomenon of maceration (softening) epithelium, which sharply increases the risk of scratches and scuffs on it. Overdrying not only gives frequent washing, but also the use of alcohol-containing lotions. For the same reason it is not recommended to use green.

- Violations of the rules for the selection of the chest. You cannot pull out the nipple from the mouth of the child. You can just slightly pinched nostrils and the child let go of the nipple.

- Other problems. It is either about a painful condition of the child, or of painful conditions mom. If there is no clear reason for your child to wrong sucked his chest and there is no clear reason for the formation of scratches and cracks on the nipple, you should turn to a specialist for advice.

Please consult the consultant on breast feeding, if the pain in the chest when feeding was not passed. You may need to temporary separation of the child from the breast, and you will feed it expressed milk for some time, as determined by the consultant in your individual case. The consultant can also teach you correctly to submit and take a chest, convenient feed lying, sitting and standing (and sometimes such is required) in different poses, control the behavior of the child at the breast, to teach the methods pumping.

Which doctor should I contact if there is a pain in the chest when feeding

  • Obstetrician-gynecologist
  • Mammologist

Are you experiencing pain in the chest when feeding? You want to know more detailed information, or you need an inspection? Please sign up on reception to the doctor! Doctors will examine you, examine the external signs and help to determine the disease the symptoms, they will consult you and provide the necessary assistance. You can also call the doctor on the house.

Do you feel chest hurts when feeding? You should be very careful approach to your health in general. People pay not enough attention to the symptoms of the disease and don't realize that these diseases can be critically dangerous. There are many diseases that in the beginning didn't manifest in our body, but in the end it turns out, unfortunately, it have already been treated too late. Every disease has its own specific features typical symptoms - called symptoms of the disease. Definition of symptoms is the first step in the diagnosis of diseases in general. You just need a few times a year to be screened by a doctor, not only to prevent a terrible disease, but also to maintain a healthy spirit in a body and the organism in general.

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