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Symptoms of disease - Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence is the involuntary urine, which can be identified visually.

Urinary incontinence is divided into true and false:
- False urinary incontinence is the involuntary urine without urinating on - may be due to congenital or acquired defects of the urethra, the bladder or urethra, for example, when экстрофии bladder. Acquired defects, leading to a false incontinence, as a rule, connected with the injury, as a result of which the integrity of the urinary tract with subsequent formation of urinary fistulas, opening on the skin or rectum.
- True incontinence is "involuntary loss of urine, objectively verifiable and causing social and hygienic problems".

True urinary incontinence may be classified as follows:
- Stress urinary incontinence, or urine incontinence in voltage.
- Immediate (mandatory) incontinence - involuntary loss of urine with the previous immediate urge to urinate.
- Mixed urinary incontinence is a combination of stress and urge urinary incontinence.
- Enuresis - any involuntary loss of urine.
- Nocturnal enuresis - loss of urine during sleep.
- Permanent incontinence of urine.
- Other types of urinary incontinence may be situational (during sexual intercourse, laughter).

Which diseases there is Urinary incontinence

  • Ecstrophy bladder
  • Injuries of the urinary tract
  • Cystitis
  • Stress

Which doctor should I contact if there is a Urinary incontinence

  • Urologist

Are you experiencing Urinary incontinence? You want to know more detailed information, or you need an inspection? Please sign up on reception to the doctor! Doctors will examine you, examine the external signs and help to determine the disease the symptoms, they will consult you and provide the necessary assistance. You can also call the doctor on the house.

Do you have Urinary incontinence? You should be very careful approach to your health in general. People pay not enough attention to the symptoms of the disease and don't realize that these diseases can be critically dangerous. There are many diseases that in the beginning didn't manifest in our body, but in the end it turns out, unfortunately, it have already been treated too late. Every disease has its own specific features typical symptoms - called symptoms of the disease. Definition of symptoms is the first step in the diagnosis of diseases in general. You just need a few times a year to be screened by a doctor, not only to prevent a terrible disease, but also to maintain a healthy spirit in a body and the organism in general.

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