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Symptoms of disease - Injuries

Bruises (contusio, singular- mechanical damage of soft tissues without any apparent violation of the integrity of the skin. Arise when hit with a blunt object or when falling from a small height on a flat surface. With fractures, as a rule, does not arise gross anatomical damage tissues or organs. Bruises may be an integral part of the wounds, the wounds are called as. Bruises are also observed in closed fractures, emerging as a result of direct impact (for example, the so-called bumper-fractures).

With fractures usually damage to small blood vessels, resulting in developing interstitial hemorrhage. Its extent and prevalence depend on the area of damage, the kinetic energy and the square of the traumatizing objects. So, when small in the force of the blows in the area of the hips, the buttocks, the back (where a lot of soft tissues) there are limited bruises, often without external manifestations and clinical symptoms. When the injuries of joints may damage the blood vessels of the capsule, which is accompanied by bleeding in the joint cavity. Hemorrhage in the soft tissue leads to their saturating blood. In the case of oblique direction of impact is possible detachment of the skin and subcutaneous tissue with the formation of bruises. Hematomas with large cavities may in the future calcify with the outcome of the traumatic cysts filled with hemolyzed blood. In rare cases, hematomas calcify (heterotopic ossification), for example after a hemorrhage in the thick of the quadriceps muscle. In areas where the large blood vessels (femoral and humeral artery), sometimes there are bruises or lacerations vessel walls with their subsequent thrombosis. As a result of possible necrosis of soft tissues. The bruised area, where the peripheral nerves (most often the elbow, radiation and peroneal) are located close to the bone, there are symptoms of loss of their functions. Usually sensory and motor impairments quickly, but sometimes when “inside the stem” bleeds or compression of hematoma are stored for a long time.

The most frequent injuries of soft tissues of the limbs or trunk. Clinical signs of these injuries are a pain in the place of the forces and traumatic edema. After some time (time depends on the depth of bleeding) appears on the skin bruise. For its size cannot be accurately judge the strength or the nature of the impact. So, in the so-called deep or in case of increased fragility of vessels (if gipovitaminose c, THE older people) there are extensive bruising, descending down towards the place of injury under the force of gravity. The colour of a bruise is an important criterion for the definition of limitation of injury, which is important in forensic practice.

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  • Traumatologist

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Do you have Injuries? You should be very careful approach to your health in general. People pay not enough attention to the symptoms of the disease and don't realize that these diseases can be critically dangerous. There are many diseases that in the beginning didn't manifest in our body, but in the end it turns out, unfortunately, it have already been treated too late. Every disease has its own specific features typical symptoms - called symptoms of the disease. Definition of symptoms is the first step in the diagnosis of diseases in general. You just need a few times a year to be screened by a doctor, not only to prevent a terrible disease, but also to maintain a healthy spirit in a body and the organism in general.

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